A Conversation I had with Beatzo

See, it’s like this. Indians are everywhere, and I mean everywhere. Every country. The usual suspects like the US, UK, Canada, but also countries like Romania, Ghana, even St. Kitts. Bet you couldn’t place that on a World map.
In some, even most of these places, there is growing resentment around them as well. Sometimes it’s wholly acceptable fears like Indians are taking their jobs, or their 7-11s or whatever. Sometimes it’s as simple as Indians don’t assimilate and unnecessarily judge their culture, or pray to demon ghosts or whatever other prejudice (warranted or not). I do think some complaints are very valid, but most are just people being afraid of something different than them. Something that is intrinsically NOT them. Kind of how normal people are afraid of mutants in the Marvel Universe.
You know what this means?

Bal Thackerey is Magneto.

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  1. Having lived in London for 11 years I could write a thesis on this from both sides but i’m at work, so I can’t.

    When I have some free time i’ll respond.

    Also, I can give the opposite view as an ex-pat who’s come back to India! ;D

  2. P.S.

    What mutants? After Grant Morrison’s wonderful run with New X-Men where he actually brought about what Marvel had been afraid to do for 25 years, mutants becoming the dominant species on Earth. Introduing the possibility of a third speciesAND an awesome villain in Cassandra Nova and finishing the run with a clean slate after Jean goes Phoenix all over again and basically telling Marvel: “There you chicken shits, I did what you’ve been scared to do for 25 years, have fun!”

    Then they retcon it all with M-Day. Retards.

    Did they re-retcon all this yet? Last I remember Quicksilver was running around with some serious mojo doing something or the other getting mutants their power back.

    I pretty much stopped reading X-Men after that and Marvel all together after Civil War and the following storylines.

    /geek rage

    Except World War Hulk. He beats the living snot out of the entire Marvel hero lineup, including the Sentry. They all deserved it.

    /more geek rage

  3. Dude, totally with you. This was a just a joke that went somewhere.
    The issue is manifold in its complexity, and even having lived outside the country for a bit doesn’t prepare me to say things with equanimity.

    New X-Men, though. Brilliant, brilliant piece of work by Morrison.

    Retcon? Freaking retcon cubed, more like. Xorn, for example. Such a good character, while he lasted. They retconned him 4 times just to keep him around. Argh!

    With you on the Civil War bit. I stopped reading mainstream superhero comics after Civil War, all of em. Such rage. Was Joss Whedon’s run on Astonishing before, or after Civil War? That I read, was pretty neat. Then they gave it to Warren Ellis, and as much as I love the dude, he shouldn’t writing superheroes unless it’s in a campy, pastiche way.

    I just thought of recapping and reading some DC stuff, you know, after they killed Batman and everything. Big freaking mistake.

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