Top 5 “that guy”s in Bollywood

I do utterly love Bolly and all other woods that come from India especially the rambunctiousness about that cinema ( like there is an impishness about Korean cinema, or a quiet dignity about Iranian) that is definitive of my Indian-ness.

Coming to the point of the post however, there is something about the underdog that has always appealed to me. it’s the quintessential human interest story, is it not? The guys in the fringe who make an impact. The filler with teeth; the guys who put support in supporting.

Here then, is my selection of 5 of the most impactful “that guy” s from Bollywood masala filmdom. The rules are simple:
1. They must not be bonafide supporting actors (so no love for Aruna Irani or Paresh Rawal. too famous)
2. They must not have transcended from that guy ness to genuine recognition including awards or a mainstream fanbase. This is a underdog story after all, non? Also excluded are fallen character actors. (bye bye Rajpal Yadav)
3. This is the most important rule, I think: their presence in the film has to mean good times all around. They cannot be good actors who can’t pick a role. I see this guy lurking in a promo and I am lining up at the cinemas, or at least interested in the DVD, because of him. (This, sadly precludes all those faces you see all the time, but can’t name or care to name. I kind of don’t like that, but I have to limit the list to 5. so long, Sanjay Dutt’s trainer)
4. They have to be professional that guys. That guy in a less than 10 flicks won’t cut it.
5. Lastly, I am removing all cameos and item numbers ( good riddance, Robin Bhatt)

Too much preamble , too less filmy-ness! Onwards, I say:

5. Raja Bundela
This Guy:

Kaafi Bada Hai

He’s just likable. Affable charm, goofy persona, and a cool demeanor. They tried giving him mainstream roles, but he kept on falling down to being the smiling guy just to the right of the ‘hero’.
Why he’s awesome: There’s absolutely no character he cannot build sympathy for. He’s been slapped silly in stupid Govinda films (although he does get to dance in khaki shorts), offed in horrible ways by villains looking to score one up on the hero, and sometimes, just sometimes acted with dubious moral character that got him into way too much trouble than he bargained for. And yet you just look at that goofy smile, think of a cute pup, and go “Awww”
Shining Moment: Should have been Arjun. Or maybe even Ankush. But it wasn’t. He will forever be the guy in that lovely advertisement on Doordarshan that was way ahead of it’s time. Raja Bundela is taking a shower, stops mid soaping lathering session, looks down (yes, they go there, but wait for it…) and looks back at the camera and says: “Sachmuch, kaafi bada hai”. If there was a list of advertisements with thinly veiled innuendo that paved way for the pornography visited upon us on a daily basis (not that I’m complainin’), this ad would make that list. Beloved that guy, forever to be remembered for something that was not meant to be dirty (but let’s face it: it probably was).

4. Rana Jung Bahadur
This guy:
Photo Courtesy Beth Loves Bollywood
Photo courtesy Beth Loves Bollywood. Forgive, Beth. It is hard to find his face.

Better known to me and my friends as “Jaaju” (see below), this man has made it his business to play every bumbling idiot villain as well as every horror movie cliche. All that remains in his stalwart body of that guy work is to play the bikin clad girl in blood shower, I suppose.

Why he’s awesome: First of all, the name. That’s an awesome and classy name. To top it, there is nothing classy about this man.There is no depth to which he will not plumb in the service of horrible that guy acting. He’s extremely physical though. Using his huge eyes and body and a voice that cannot but remind us of the Punjabi Physics tuition teacher we all had to it’s utmost extent, his presence means at least 15 minutes of fun times of extremely questionable taste.

Shining Moment: He’s played umpteen horror Ramsey bros. cliche characters, but I remember most for his portrayal of Bajaj, aka Jaaju, the quivering idiot of an assistant in Mahaul Theek Hai.

It’s not the terrible acting, it’s the howlarious lines he spews including “Ouno Inni Chamm Jhaado” with a straight face that has cemented him in my head. Check out his full range of constipated facial expressions in this clip here. Make no mistake – he is terrible, but he deserves a spot on this list.
I wish I could have included Vivek Shauq in this list – but he’s done fairly drab roles in nondescript films that Jaaju trumps him.

3. Razak Khan
This Guy:
Ninja Uncle
He has done nothing but bad roles. Weak ass gangster who thinks he is pimp is his forte.

Why he’s awesome: But what forte it is! He owns the weak gangster waiting for a bitch slap to go all crumbling weasel howling kitten on us. And he’ll take one from anyone – when Farooq Sheikh can call your bluff, you’re really asking for it. But don’t take my word for it. Hit his imdb page and gape at the awesomeness of the names of his characters. Usman Kujli. Babu Karela. Rajjo Tabela. He’s even played a character called Qutub Minar.

Shining Moment:

It probably would be a tie between his Ninja Chacha (watch above video straight at the point where he unleashes his awesome here) or the straight up cynic Keshav in Roop ki Rani Choron ka Raaja.
I don’t have a video, but bad movie aficionados will remember the part where Anil “Black Forest Cake” Kapoor meets Jugraj for the first time. AK smarms his way into Kher’s trust, but Keshav the smart one (!) is having nothing of that. He quickly retorts: “Isko kuch nahin maloom hai, iske kandhe per to kabootar hai” (The man knows nothing; he has a pigeon on his shoulder). Oh Razak Khan, you teach us all. You teach us so much.
AK and Kabootar
Men with Pigeons on shoulder clearly know nothing.

2. Sudhir
This Guy:
Sudhir beefcake for breakfast, girls.
If there was someone perfect to dub Christian Bale’s ridiculous Batman voice in the Batman and Terminator films, Sudhir is it. His gravelly voice and almost always surly demeanour has lent themselves to a certain niche that only he filled, and that remains empty even now.

Why he’s awesome: Contrary to what you may think Sudhir was never rape king. Heck, he wasn’t even minor rape fiend. However! He was almost always lecherous. This distinction is important, because you cannot love rapists. (Bollywood doesn’t know that yet, but hopefully you’ll tell them.) Sorry losers whoslip on their own drool over a woman, with no obvious hope in hell – that’s a hard task too, but when it’s Sudhir, you can’t help but guffaw. There is no question what’s on his mind, but he’s not gonna get there. is he?
Despite the above stereotype, he has played enough loud angry Hulk Smash characters that make his list of roles quite multifaceted. Actually, I prefer him in his angry hulk mode more, because it’s always good times.

Shining Moment: Would have to be Satte Pe Satta. Of the brothers playing each day of the week, he is the surly, angry, shrieking and bellicose Monday. Not only does he completely symbolise Mondays, his pining for a girl this time around has an innocence to it that will never again be captured on film.

1. Sharat Saxena

This Guy:
The 'stache
He’s no Anil Kapoor or Raja Sen, but what a ‘stache, non?
This guy is the Stephen Lang of Bollywood. Not because he is a Shakespearean thespian, but because when you need a strong willed man with enough charisma to fill a frame to come and chew entire mountains of scenery and yet remain authentic, you call this man.

Why he’s awesome: Even when he was just a dude up against Mithun in a boxing ring, he was a formidable physical presence and a world weary ire that simmered on the surface. The go-to guy to play suave 2nd ring villains (never a henchman, but a deputy in his own right) called Daga or Doga or some such, his physicality was a menace and his presence a welcome relief over the minus-personality heroes of the time. That he always held his own against the likes of Mithun, Anil Kapoor, and Rajnikanth makes him THE that guy.
Champion, they say. Truth.
Guess who is Champion RaghuRaj?
In the aforementioned film about boxing with Mithun, he basically played Apollo Creed. And when a man out Apollo Creeds Apollo Creed, that there’s a truck full of awesome.
If memory serves correctly, he also has the distinction of being one of the few people who offed Rajnikanth in a film. How many people can boast of being awesome-er than Rajni, if only for dodgy script requirements? Using his powers for good and not evil, he also did some not so memorable character roles, but always, always with the enjoyable screen presence and the promise of a fun half hour.

Shining Moment:
Would be when he punches the living shit out of a whiny Aamir Khan:

Ostensibly, the film had him as the lead bad guy, but the real villain of the ill-conceived copy of On the Waterfront was Aamir’s past. Sharat still steps up to the plate and delivers a physical performance like no other. And look at him. That man’s huge.
Of course this would have made him a known guy over a “that guy”, but this film, apart from making Rani Mukherjea popular, did nothing. And poor Sharat was yet again left playing the old sullen guy with only half an idea what people are up to; twirling his moustache at them, going “Bah! Humbug!”

So there we are. These are my favourite underdogs of Hindi cinema. Some are camp, some are genuinely awesome. Some I just enjoy watching on screen. But all of them are faces you have seen and possibly ignored all your lives. Anyone I left out criminally?

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  1. SUPERB POST! I’m always wondering who THAT GUY is! My latest triumph was figuring out who Yunus Parvez is – he’s in everything I watch but it took me ages to isolate him. Of your list, I only knew 3 and 1, but I’m feeling pretty proud of myself anyway πŸ˜‰

    I do not speak with great authority, but I’m not sure there’s anyone out there whose mustache stacks up against Señor Sen’s.

  2. Heh. Coming from you, that’s a major compliment.
    Of course! Younis Parvez! I’m now wondering if it isn’t too late to make it a top 6. πŸ™‚
    Oh, and Raja’s ‘stache is a thing of magic. Legend has it that it once ate Kiran Kumar and spat out Imran Hashmi.

  3. Great post! I never knew the name of Rana Jang Bahdur and the random chat from this morning makes sense now. πŸ™‚

    Just reading your post makes me want to write one. And oh, I do not agree that Raja Bundela has affable charm. He vexes me to no end but yeah, he is still “that guy.”

  4. It depends on where you start your Raja Bundela experience. Ankush leaves you with a bad Bundela taste (baste?) in the mouth.
    Start with OK saabun or Arjun, and he’s just, you know, the dude.

  5. I actually saw Sudhir in ISKCON Temple in Mumbai few years back. I smiled at him realizing that I knew that face from the movies. He smiled back at me probably amusing whether I was gay or just gay to see him there.

  6. He probably gets a few knowing glances, he’s pretty awesome that way.
    If I knew this was to happen I’d have given you a Satte pe Satta poster for him to sign. πŸ˜€

  7. Omg I love this post- i need to come back and read ur blog in detail soon. I love love love sharat saxena, who is becoming sweeter as he is growing older, me thinks πŸ™‚

  8. He IS! He’s got the one eye twitch with the other eye bore raised look down pat.
    Glad to find a fellow sharat supporter. Full on squee.
    You’ll probably be a tad dissappointed by the blog’s lack of Bolly-ness, but have fun.

    Of course seeing as I got such a warm response to the first Bolly post, I could give more a try.

  9. Good ones. I hope you did consider Rakesh Bedi, Dalip Tahil, Satyen Kappu, Neeraj Vora, Anant Mahadevan, Sulabha Deshpande, Asha Sharma, Sanjay Goradia, Goga Kapoor, Arun Bakshi, Raj Zutshi, Mushtaq Khan, Manoj Pahwa, Saurabh Shukla, Javed Sheikh, Makrand Deshpande, Shrivallabh Vyas et al. On second thoughts, I should do a list as well.
    P.S. Did you know Sudhir and Sunil Dutt were bachmates in college and Sudhir became an actor before Dutt!!

  10. You should so totally do a list of your own, man. And all these awesome people, including cringe worthy Rakesh Bedi should be a part of it.
    I volunteer to dig around the intarwubs for reference links for you. πŸ˜‰
    oh, and you know who’s were disqualified from the list because, well, they’re family. πŸ˜€

  11. …and today I saw my first Sudhir film – at least, the first in which I realized I recognized him (Feroz Khan’s Dharmatma)!

  12. The Rapey Twins are SO awesome and SO repulsive. You need one of those mesh shirt/neckerchief getups!

  13. So true. If only it were that simple.

    Just this morning I said to another fan of 70s films (imagine NOT being one!) that we should go shopping for more Neetu- and Helen-approved ensembles. Come along! I’m sure FabRanjeet is right next door to Helens R Us.

  14. Shaan might have unmeasurable amounts of awesomeness. That nightclub alone…inside-out disco-ball of joy!

  15. Did I mention about the 80s Bolly-retro night we did for a friend? Karz Rishi and dressing up as 70s Bolly finest!
    Sadly, couldn’t do a Ranjeet so had to make do with QGM.

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  17. Great list! Sharad Saxena (for that’s how he was spelled in Mallu land) was a constant that-guy in a series of Malayalam movies in the mid to late ’90s, most of them directed by Priyadarsan.

  18. It makes a lot of sense, that spelling. Sharad actually means something. Not too sure if Sharat is just a cool new way to spell it, or if it means something else.

  19. Hai, great list!

    I just saw the greatness that is Razak Khan in ‘Bade Miyan Chote Miyan’ and was looking up on him when I stumbled on to this pahe.

    I’m a 50s-70s guy myself, so I’m only really familiar with Sudhir from this list though I know Sharat Saxena.

    My favorite other guy is Moolchand, the perennial fat guy in 50s-70s movies; And the assorted lot of sometime Sudhir’s friends (at least back in the 70s) like Habib, MacMohan, Hiralal, Dev Kumar, Yusuf Khan, Raj Kishore, Hercules, etc.

  20. Thanks! Of course I know those names too. Though I have to admit you’re probably the third person I know who knows of Hercules. πŸ™‚

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