9 thoughts on “This week’s Gaming Zeitgeist

  1. Dont recognise the first screenshot. Dead Rising 2? Dead Rising Wii also looks interesting btw.

    Prototype is on my wanted list for this year (The preview videos at gametrailers.com look godly, if its half as fun as Hulk: Ultimate Destruction, i’m sold).

    Kojima. MGS3 is the best MGS. There is no debate, it was the only one that qualified as a game even.

    Saints Row 2? Sandbox games and me = love/hate. :/

    FEAR 2 is mediocre. Avoid.

    Last screenshot looks familiar but can’t place it.

  2. Yep, the first one is Dead Rising 2. Dead rising Wii and Dead Space Wii might open more room for real games on the Wii too.

    As much fun as I had with Hulk:UD, I want to wait and watch Prototype for a while. It looks good, but has to do something beyond the destroy the city schtick.

    I agree about MGS3, but I thought the first MGS qualified as a game too. MGS 4 was such a freaking pain.

    Um, no. GTA IV DLC. Sandbox games and me= love, but only when done right. Case in point, Crackdown.

    Fear 2: I played the demo, outside of a few moments it was a prettier FEAR 1. Nothing much has changed. I’m going to wait a few months when it ends up on steam for 9.99.

    The last on is Dragon Age. This is one of the few games I am looking forward to completely.

  3. Oh yeah, Dragons Age. Another on my wanted list this year. 🙂

    I hope Bioware can grow beyond good/evil endings. I’ve loved every rpg they’ve released since the first KotoR but the idiotic good/evil ending mechanic thing has to stop. It make progress in their games so hopelessly linear, its almost like playing a platformer. I hope Dragon’s Age is a good old fashioned rpg with countless choices and leads to either one ending or several.

    The problem with the first MGS on the psx was that Thief 1 came out at the same time. So in sneak’em up land, Snake really wasn’t much compared to Garrett. 🙂

  4. Oh absolutely! Garrett does stealth like nobody’s business. And even with mad barons and evil mechano plots, the stories were way more restrained than the MGS series.

    With Dragon Age, Bioware is claiming to have made the next generation of Baldur’s Gate games, and I can’t help but get excited. I think the Good/evil thing started grating around the time of NwN, which you’ll have to admit had a pretty crappy story too.
    I am very excited about this game, but yeah, I need to see it for myself to believe it.

  5. Currently playing Freespace 1 (My original CDs finally got scratched beyond repair).

    Beneath a Steel Sky.


  6. TOTALLY! That one level in FEAR 2 with the mech (I played the demo, so look for it) tells me they remember Shogo, but only half assedly.

    Monolith should be making NOLF3 and Shogo2, like, NOW.

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