Friday Links!

The good things in the world, brought to you by a time waster called serioussam.

The greatest death and after death story ever in this world.

A Chinese man originally thought to have been struck by lightning was in fact killed by a small weather rocket whose existence was only discovered when his body exploded during his cremation.

The thinnest house in the world!

From Sanzen, the three awesome photos of Delhi in winter.

Tiny, laser cut dinosaurs.

Gaming bento boxes!

Have fun.

3 thoughts on “Friday Links!

  1. I’m in Delhi dude. Tell me you’re here? I wouldn’t mind a LAN session at a Zapak cafe somewhere.

  2. Dude! Was on a flying trip to Delhi, on my way to Chandigarh for a a wedding. Didn’t stay much time. Would have loved to catch up over a game of CS.
    Missed again! Curses.

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