Prince of Persia Prodigy screenies have arrived, jee

Prince of Persia Prodigy
So, the fan mechanism churns and we have screenshots of the new cel shaded Prince of Persia, dubbed Prodigy by the rumor mill mice. I have to admit, it looks gorgeous. Despite the fact that Two Thrones was (as much of an apology letter to people who hated Warrior Within that it was) only just decent with the brilliance shining every now and then only, I still have love for the last PoP trilogy, mostly for what they did with the Prince’s parkour movements, puzzle solving, and the overall glow they added to the gameplay.

It was a definitive game of that generation, one that is in many ways responsible for the way many developers looked at their platform adventures and gave us increasingly cool platformers.

new cel shaded Prince of Persia

This one looks like it is going to be the new benchmark, at least as far as the looks are concerned. I mean looky. Let’s hope they nail the gameplay balance.

10 thoughts on “Prince of Persia Prodigy screenies have arrived, jee

  1. Before I talk about the original trilogy, this looks frakking awesome. Also, Edge magazine here in the UK had a fat five page preview of it. Turns out they’ve redone the combat too. Its all Shadow of the Collosus/beat’emup style 1v1. All your fights are essentially boss fights instead of mass sand zombie hack & slasha thons. And like you, my love of the last generation PoP trilogy is still strong. πŸ™‚


    I think you’d better go back and play WW and TTT again. My initial reactions to both games was that TTT is better than WW. Its not. The platforming and puzzles in WW are much more intricate, much more in depth and much better than TTT. WW does everything it can to disguise this but its platforming is arguably superior to SoT. SoT had nothing as intricate when you first get to the Hanging Gardens in WW.

    Infact, WW is a better game than TTT. TTT’s first half is a nonstop procession of beams instead of the platforming fest it should have been when the Prince got home and all the boss fights were speed kill QTEs. 😐 If Speed Kills weren’t around in TTT, the game would have been mediocrity supreme. It was lucky the game had the PoP name to fall back on.

  2. Just re-read your post. I failed to notice your TTT was average bit. Oops!

  3. Tell you what, email me your address to vkhazanchi at g m a i l dot com

    I’ll send you the magazine. Its really a wonderful preview.

  4. Exactly. TTT was very run of the mill. They had some very cool ideas buried there, but probably not wrth the time time you spent jumping on the next beam.
    WW… that’s soehing I have heard twice. I really never finished the game. After a while the faux emo dark themes and the death metal riffs mixed in the soundtrack got too much for me. I think I’ll give it another whirl since you make such a strong case.

    At the risk of saying no to free swag, can I please take a raicn check on the EDGE copy? I am moving to a new city end of this week, after which I should have my adress etc. sorted. Will send it to ya then. I can’t wait to read it though, Not only is it PoP, Edge has by far the best writing in the vidgae mag business.

  5. Mass Effect at 1680 by 1050. All settings on high. AA on.

    Feel the shinyness!

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