How the year that good things happened happened, OR how my spaghetti got ravioli OR how 2007 was good for the gamer in me OR The best games of 2007 OR how I can’t ever think of a clever title and usually quote Dylan instead

A whole lot of people like to recap their year and tell everyone what they thought of it, and I guess I am that sort of person too, but these are not borrowed thoughts like most. Though talking about 2007 does seem kinda moldy and I even thought I almost found a reason to not write about this, but hey, we’ve got free crab cakes, so we’re good. (plus I’ve been nonexistent on LJ, so not like anybody’s readin)

Last year was, among other things, a year where things shook up like a very big earthquake. I moved cities again, after about eight years in New Delhi, the city of my heart. I traveled a lot, and I mean a LOT, as far as my track record goes (thirty one flights, four rented car journeys, two bus trips, and a tractor ride). I played a lot of great videogames, got two new consoles and a PC, and well, I um, well…

Let me tell you about gamers and the women who date them.

In my experience, the girlfriend of a regular gamer, or ‘gaming widow’ to use the technical scientific classification, passes her time in the life of said gamer in four distinct levels. There is no fifth level, because the fourth level is the unbeatable boss level. Level one brings with it feelings of deep and infatuating affection and she pictures the man as a cute boy-man, who likes playing Mario on a coin op. This is a good level, as it is characterized by the generally misinformed understanding that someone who plays a lot of videogames is also very technically intelligent, and may yet become a superwhiz IT consultant, and hey, all that passion means he is passionate. It is important that a level one girlfriend never actually see the man play his videogames, staring at the TV like a monkey with no other motor skills evident than the pressing of buttons, twirling of joysticks and stuffing of face with nachos, or hear the almost primal screams of his mates who spew advice while passing the nacho bucket around, thus shattering the illusion. In level one videogames==love. Level two, which comes about very soon to fairly early, depending on the season (Christmas deluge plays weird murder games in the relationship) is marked by resigned acceptance. Go on then, she thinks, play your stupid games. At least I know where you are at all times. At least you’re not eyeing my best friend, or shagging someone on the side. Level three, better known as the stage where the trouble actually starts is when she begins to compare herself to the hobby itself. The phrase ‘You and your stupid videogames’ will be used a multitude of times. Especially if Preeti and her idiot boyfriend and some friends want to do movies and lunch at Nirula’s with the both of you, and you have got an important TF2 tourney on that damned Singapore server. “You go and have fun, honey,” the gamer says trying to squirm out of the event, trying not to let on that he secretly hates Preeti and all her friends. “I’ll join you if I can.” Yeah, at seven. Level four is the advanced, cancerous version of stage three. The phrase repeated ever so often now is ‘You and your fucking videogames.’ When it’s time for another group lunch, the gamer’s girlfriend really hits it off with Preeti’s friend Rohan, who is a banking consultant with a cherry red Honda Civic who hates videogames, and she never returns your calls again.

Going back to the thought I didn’t complete, I finally figured out how to beat level four. Having struck out at all my relationships at Levels one, two, three and four in varying circumstances, I was determined to win this time. I decided I would cheat.

Turns out, the cheat code on level four is, “Will you marry me?” and it is not really one of those God-mode cheat codes, but kind of like that stupid small mushroom in Mario that turns you tiny, which whatever you say about it, only is good enough to make you excitable and jump really high, but does bugger all against Bowser, not to mention takes away whatever power up you were on at the time. Yep, 2007 was also the year when I beat Level four by getting married.

I know, I know. But at this time, it’s like telling a person that he can’t make a grilled tuna sandwich with a hosepipe, when he has invested not only in the pipe, but drilled a hole in an underground water reservoir, created a fence around the hole for leakages, laid out a picnic table with the fancy tablecloth and nice china and bought a big bottle of Maggi Hot and Sweet Tomato Chilly Sauce (It’s different). I would have probably made a more direct analogy and enlightened all of you on the inner arguments about marriage, but I DON’T HAVE PERMISSION.

Surprisingly, though, it has turned out to be very good for my gaming, because first of all, everyone in the whole world, including the wife, now understands and empathizes that I need a consolation prize. Games are my lollipop after the tetanus shot. Second of all, hey, you need someone to pummel at DoA at 3 in the morning. Am I right, or am I right? Plus, after I got the Wii, Nintendo saw fit to reward me with the single most effective advantage of being married – Super Mario Galaxy. While I am playing the game, I need someone to collect all the star bits for me, and the universe has literally conspired for me to make the most of my situation. Plus when you get married and someone (these two fine people) gifts you an X-Box 360, not to mention games to play it with and bean bags to play it on, you start to think maybe this wasn’t such a bad idea after all.

Digressi-mon, I choose you!

(I really need to tell you about the great year in gaming I have had, especially with all the console love and a new PC, and I create segues like hosepipes create grilled tuna sandwiches.) Here, then, are the videogames that made the most impact in a mad mad year, and while I know your favorite is probably not here, remember that I may possibly hate you personally.

10. God Of War 2 (OR The most fun pressing buttons in the order someone tells you to)
God of War 2
It is surprising that I remembered this game at all, having played it in bouts and fits all through the year on my choking little PS2. But playing the middling to horrid Heavenly Sword made me realize how much I love the impeccable design decisions in this game. As much as I love David Jaffe, this sequel topped his creation many times over.
Why your game isn’t here: Because if you show me a game and claim it as a more polished example of a gameplay balance and carnage I will think you are wrong.

9. Eternal Sonata(Or Best game about hallucinations)
Eternal Sonata You are a character inside the dream of a sick and fevered Frederic Chopin, and you must battle monsters in turn based musical combat with musically named party members. Do you need another reason? It seems unlikely that Chopin dreamt of wide eyed Manga characters and turn based combat, yes. Still, you never know.
Why your game isn’t here: I haven’t played Mass Effect, and I think The Witcher had terrible voice acting. I think Persona 3 deserved to be on this list, and I think it still is. You JUST CAN”T SEE IT. Freaky.

8. Supreme Commander (OR Best game that made you feel like Mogambo)
Supreme Commander
World in Conflict has prettier explosions, and the battles are more intimate. But I can play Sup Com on dual monitors, keeping my eye on different parts of the epic battle at all times. That makes me feel all sorts of awesome, and dammit, games are supposed to do just that.
Why your game isn’t here: Muhuhahaha, watch as I obliterate you and build a frigate while keeping an eye on both things.

7. Team Fortress 2(OR The best game to wrest the crown from Counter Strike, never mind CoD)
The Orange Box - Team Fortress 2
It is the single most fun experience online I have had all year, despite the MMO trappings of CoD 4 or the trappings of the actual MMO expansion of the year, or even the fact that it ships with less maps than any other online shooter.
Why your game isn’t here: I hate Halo 3 multiplayer and the douchebaggery that it encourages in normal people on Live, I do.

6. Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare (OR The best case for scripted gameplay, sandboxes be damned)
Call of Duty 4:Modern Warfare
I like its multiplayer almost as much as I like TF2, or maybe a little less, but it is the relentless single player campaign with its cinematic gameplay, orchestral score, and finally, AI smart enough to immerse you completely in the game make me love this game. I have played this twice in different difficulty settings, and I plan to replay certain missions. Pure fun out of a tap.

5. The Legend of Zelda: Phantom Hourglass (OR The best game to buy if you travel a lot)
The Legend of Zelda: Phantom Hourglass
Don’t be fooled by what I just said. Even if you sit rooted to your desk playing Phantom Hourglass, it is pound for pound one of the best adventure game this year, and another solid achievement on the DS. I am surprised at how much I love my little DS every year more and more due to the absolutely fantastic games that keep coming on it.
Why your game isn’t here: I absolutely loved Crush, loved it. I am the man who will defend Jeanne de’Arc and FF Tactics to death. But there is something about the mad load times and the eldritch murderous refresh rates on the PSP that make me not pick it up. Something clearly needs to be done here.

4. Bioshock (OR The best game about Ayn Rand, and I know Chris Kohler said it first)
As a game that can be classified as a first person shooter, the game only about treads similar grounds as System Shock 2, so that can’t ever be bad, but not terribly new. But it the compelling story that makes it a gem. More importantly, the back story is told through what comes as a slap on the face to the cut scenes of FF and the briefing sequences in the Medal of Honor series. It is told through the game. YOU piece together the narrative by looking at an exquisitely detailed world and make sense of the narrative ion a world gone awry. This is not a novel or a movie as some people like to think. Bioshock is pure game.
Why your game isn’t here: Crysis is gorgeous, and the trying to find ways to kill the next set of bad guys is intact from Far Cry, but it bores me no end. HL2 Ep2 is pretty good, I admit. But you’ll know in a bit. And oh, Halo 3? Well, the 10 minutes of fun is intact. Unfortunately, so are the uninspired levels.

3. Rock Band (OR The best way to make you feel like a rock star)
Rock Band
3 minutes into this awesome game, and I already had creative differences with the drummer and the soloist. No one paid attention to the bassist, because, he is the bassist, and I fucked their song up. Bring it on bitches. Pure genius then, that the default controllers are broken as well. You can SMASH THEM and play with the GH controllers.
Why your game isn’t here: Because I can’t play with you anymore man, you are stifling my creativity.

2. Super Mario Galaxy (OR The best science fiction game)
Super Mario Galaxy
If you need reasons to play Super Mario Galaxy, you are clearly a dead husk of a human being, and your decaying body needs no more nourishment. Go eat human brains, and don’t bother me. I’ve got a chainsaw tied to my arm.
Why your game isn’t here: Because if I had to remove this for Ratchet and Clank Tools of Destruction, it would make me evil. Oh, and the princess is another castle.

1. Portal (OR The best cake and the best lie and the best lie about the cake)
The Orange Box - Portal
Funniest game of the year, the best song of the year, the game with most character, and the most innovative gameplay mechanism. It took me about 4 hours to finish it, but is very quietly changed the way game design is looked at in that time. I doff my hat at the game everyone should play because your life is incomplete without it.
Why your game isn’t here: The cake is a lie.

I have played these and more this year, making 2007 an absolutely fantastic year for gaming. That I have now a wife who plays and loves these games as much as me makes it bloody brilliant. Since 2008 has no hope I hell of beating it, I proceeded straight to the getting drunk on the 1st. One thing that wasn’t brilliant in 2007 was however, the fact that I blogged (read mental masturbation) fairly less. Maybe this will be the same, but at least I have fucked your friends page/RSS feed/iPhone browser once this year. Let’s a go!
Year 2007 was also the year when The Sopranos ended. Not that I cared about the show one way or the other, but I hear the ending was so limp and vague, it left people talking for months. That is exactly how I am going to leave this post, so’s it leaves people talking. I like comments because it proves to the intarwubs that I have friends.

(Thanks to Harry Thompson’s views which colored mine completely, and on which the most amusing bits are completely based on.)

30 thoughts on “How the year that good things happened happened, OR how my spaghetti got ravioli OR how 2007 was good for the gamer in me OR The best games of 2007 OR how I can’t ever think of a clever title and usually quote Dylan instead

  1. I’m far to tired to think of a gargantuan reply and Ace Combat 6 is currently hogging my time right now. I agree with most of what you said but my gaming tastes have been slightly odd this year. I’ll respond later. 😉

  2. I actually look forward to what you thought was most fun his year. I know you liked Assassin’s Creed a lot, which, much to my dissappointment, I didn’t.

  3. First off, congrats on completing level 4 without losing any lives…yet.

    Secondly, RESENT is a ver mild word to describe my feeling towards your er, appreciation of games. The very fact that there is not a single PS3 game on that list tells me a lot. Yes, I smell a lot of M$ moneyhats here. But, fanboyism be damned, the fact that R&C, Uncharted and Jeanne D’Arc are not present probably speaks a lot about how different people can have different tastes. Especially a biased one, muhuhahahaha. And for the M$ bitches, Mass Effect ain’t there either.

    PS: Rogue Galaxy is great game, you should try it.

  4. Thanks mate.

    You are wrong. There are FOUR PS3 games on that list.

    There is a reason there are no PS3 exclusives on that list, and that is because I couldn’t rate them above any of the ones already here. My lowest is God of War2, and as fantastic as I think R&C is, I don’t think it is better than GoW2. The bar? It be raised brother.
    Uncharted I haven’t played, and neither have I played Mass Effect, both being omitted because of that simple fact.
    Jeanne D’Arc as I mentioned, is brilliant. But there is a problem I have with ALL games on my PSP. I can’t stand the mad refresh rates, and hence end up not playing these games after a while. The games are great, but the console is making me not pick it up.
    As far as the MS fanboyism attack – there are a sum total of 2 games on this list I played on the Xbox.

    All the others you THINK are Xbox were actually played on the PC. Yep, that’s right, I’m still a PC gamer. And why not? Half the list is from the PC. Half of it, and the rest divided between 4 consoles.

    All this aside, I think Sony’s had a good year in 2007. Many games are not even recognised as being avilable on the PS3, simply because the install base isn’t there and the normal assumption is that the console being talked about in a review or whatever is the 360. Even so, I expected at least you to look beyond that veil and recognise CoD4, Portal, TF2 as PS3 games, as good and sometimes better than many exclusives.

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  7. Congrats on getting married!

    Girl gamers have it a bit different than guy gamers, btw. I wrote a response on my blog which is theoretically trackbacked to yours but… the trackback wizard seems to be taking the day off.

  8. Right. Lets discuss your top 10. *cracks fingers*

    Also, oceansandearth, thanks for writing a comment I can totally disregard. 😉

    10.) God of War 2. I preferred GoW1 and while the lack of awesome action adventure games in 2007 makes it stand out I was so busy trying to master Ninja Gaiden Black that the QTE events really grated. Yes, the game is fun, carnage filled, gorgeous and just totally ott but compared to NGB’s control system it paled somewhat. I also discovered Beyond Good and Evil early on in the year as well and its fresh approach to characterisation, refined combination of a linear & sandbox world and story really stayed with me. To the extent that even the final boss fight where your controls get reversed I managed to play through with a big grin on my face and end with a real satisfied feeling. The fact that Sands of Time and BGE came out within six months of each other and no one bought them is just criminal. *middle fingers the finicky gaming world*

    9.)Eternal Sonata – sadly, I havent played this yet. I will eventually. I simply have too many games to finish on my 360. But…but…all my jrpging is currently being done on my gba sp! 2007 I have been playing FFTA, FF4a, FF6a, Golden Sun 1 and 2, Tales of Phantasia, Super Robot Wars/Taisen: Original Generation 1 and 2, Breath of Fire 1 and 2. All in all…well over 500 hours. I’m such a glutton for punishment. 🙁

    8.) SupCom – yet to play this but I come from the school of rtt (Real time tacticals, rts just doesnt work anymore) where I prefer my battles and controls to be more intimate. This is simplay a matter of preference. Also, you didn’t mention company of heroes? That, world in conflict and DotA (Yes still, by the by, how good is the Indian dota scene level wise?) are my rtt picks of the year. Eventually, I will get around to SupCom but not for a while.

    7.) Team Fortress 2 – only recently got Orange Box so still to check this out. Right now the awesome Portal and the snorefest that is HL2 so far (Only in route kanal at the moment, hopefully it’ll pick up) are keeping me occupied. But I wager I wont play it beyond a casual level. I’ve always had a love/hate relationship with the fps genre. The only fps game I ever played with any seriousness was Jedi Knight 2 multiplayer.

    6.) CoD4 – hah. No arguement here. Its just an incredible piece of work. But its amazing a game held together with rubberbands and paper clips is so awesome. If you’re lucky enough to find a spawnpoint that is…currently playing it on hard so its virtually impossible to do so anyway. Its just a refreshing change as the entire western gaming world seems to be heading towards more and more open world/sandbox scenarios for every possible genre. Whereas Japanese developers seem intent on sticking to defined worlds (Although some of which are ridiculously large).

    5.) Zelda: PH – its zelda. Whats to discuss. 🙂 Handhelds and me have been best friends in 2007. The psp, gba and ds have all gotten love and attention from me.

    4.) Bishock – it isnt the first game which tells its story through the actual gameworld rather than fmvs/cutscenes but it sure does it effectively. The Metroid Prime series, conflict: freespace 1 and 2, HL 1 and 2, Outcast, etc. all have done this ingame storytelling one way or another with equal effectiveness. Bioshock was just brave enough to completely remove any outside elements and focus exclusively on the gameworld (And even then it had the odd cutscene). Shame about the final sections of the game. Why cant great games have good endings also? 🙁

    3.) As much as Harmonix would love to try, GH1 and GH2 and this are not casual games. Casual games require no learning period, are extremely straightforward and can be played by your grandparents without asking questions. There is a reason the DS and the Wii have so much casual shit in their catalogues alongside the great stuff (Its so weird that a sony machine, the psp, has been focusing almost exlusively on gamers). You and I both know that GH1, GH2 and Rock Band can only be enjoyed with people and friends who are willing to have a laugh at others and themselves and make slight fools of themselves as well in the process. The moment you start any of these three games as a solo player, you’ll play them till you are either fed up or master it. The moment this happens, all joy is taken out of the game because your friends show up again and suddenly they’re just strolling along having a blast and you’re screaming in the back of your mind “NO! NO! NO! STAR POWER HERE! GAH! NO, SING THAT SOFTER DAMNIT! GAH, POINTS LOST!”. And gamers like us will ALWAYS play it singleplayer to get better at it, we’re just designed like that. It’s just a schmup concept in disguise. Still fun though. 😉

    2.) Mario. ’nuff said.

    1.) Portal is made of win and awe and hot chocolate fudge slices. Its just a sublime piece of gaming which no one can really put down. I’m glad the Orange Box got ported to both the 360 and the PS3. The more the merrier.

    And my favourite games of the year? As I dislike ranking…i’ll just list them.

    Ace Combat 6 – wonderful, wonderful, arcadey fun. Both singleplayer and multiplayer elements are exquisite and sublime. This bodes well for Soul Calibur 4’s online element.

    Portal and SMG 🙂

    CoD 4 – I will beat this game on Veteran difficulty! Oorah! Multi is a blast too.

    Company of Heroes – for the first time since Warcaft 3 came out five years ago, a rtt game has made me care for its single player element and its story and characters. Such a wonderful piece of gaming and the recent expansion pack has ensured its longevity for a while longer.

    My GBA SP – still going after 3 years. Its indestrucible and still provides me with hours and hours of entertainment. Its a rare and cherished pure gaming machine.

    Final Fantasy Tactics – Yaay! Finally, it got re-released! With new artwork! Better translation! All round win for me!

    Halo 3’s Theatre Mode – Yes, just the theatre mode. Consoles have been crying out for a good community feature like this for years and years. Its a wonderful thing Bungie have done and allows for genuine sharing of gaming moments and memories between friends. Screenshots AND film clips. I really hope littlebigplanet is everything it promises. At the moment it looks like the game that’ll make me get a ps3.

    Crackdown – an absolute fucking blast. You start out as a standard cookie cutter sandbox world supercop and end up as superman (sans the flying) with the entire world at your mercy. And its a huge godamn world too. Good thing the entire storyline is tongue in cheek too. Jumping skyscraper to skyscraper is an absolute joy. 😀 The coop element was an incredible addition and its a crying shame that more games do not implement it like Crackdown has. It seems Burnout Paradise will be adopting similar principle for its coop modes for upto eight players! I really hope Criterion pull it of.

    I’ve been very picky with this list as they’re the only games/machines/modes that have had any resonance with me. I bought a LOT of games too and played a LOT more than i’ve listed here but I find my tastes change all the time and in 2007 I was incredibly picky about what I really liked, what I didnt like and what had potential and what didnt. As I said in my previous comment, my tastes in 2007 have been somewhat odd.

    Still, a fantastic year for gamers.

  9. @Blue: Yeah, I have to approve the trackbacks. You wouldn’t believe the kind of spam I have to contend with. Left a cooment on your blog, BTW.

  10. @Vikram: Alright, let’s do this.

    10. I am so glad you finally came around to playing BG&E. The kind of fluid controls, and the tight focus on creating a game world that is fully realized made me completely go ape shit over it. That no one bought this, or even remembers it is absolutely criminal, you’re right. Another one to hate humanity for not picking up and worshipping: Psychonauts.

    9. My GBA is gone, now. But the carts still get a lot of play on the DS. FF tactics got a very cool makeover for the PSP too, BTW. From the 20 minutes I played it I think it’s pretty fun.

    8. I thought Company of Heroes was last year? If not, I do believe I enjoyed it more than any other strategy game this year. I absolutely do not differentiate in my love for between RTTs or RTSs, but tere was a time when Pyro was a great company, and the Commandos series could o no wrong. I would have killed an RTS fan in those times.

    6. I like my sandboxes (for my money, crackdows was an absolute blast) but a defined focussed game world is something I enjoy the fuck outof more completely, simply because there are no distractions to the pure GAME that I want to get to after removing all the accoutrements.

    4. Absolutely not. I think the medal o honor games were, and even the orgina HL were taking the no cutscene approach to modern gaming way back then, and even they were’nt exactly pioneers. Bioshock though, is resolutely fun.

    3. You know what fits our OCD bills as music games and even caters to the casual audience completely (easy to pick up, hard to master, shor gameplay sessions.)? Elite Beat Agents. One game I do not mind playing every now and then, even though I beat it a long time back. I need better than an A- on this song, dammit.

    of your list, I agree with most things.
    Halo 3, though. I loved the first half hour, and then it went steadily downwards on the SP. Th theatre mode, admittedly i a fun fun thing, and Gawd, what I wouldn’t do to have had it when I first started playing BF1942. I think The Movies did something similar way back whe it treleased too. The website’s still full of interesing flms made by peeps. Pretty cool.

    Crackdown: Excuse me while I go make those jumps and collect more orbs or whatever the fuck they are called. I have played more than 8-10 hours of this game, and on a pure mission by mission basis I might not even be half there.

    I think my tastes went through the same changes this year. Possibly BECAUSE it was such a great year for games, even the merest hint of mediocrity would put me off. aCase in point: Halo 3, GHIII, Assassin’s Creed. I also though my gaming becasme pore personal this year. By which I mean I loved the little moments playing games on the handhalds on my way to the office and what not. Full of love.

  11. Yeah, personal moments in 2007 was high on my list for me. BGE as already mentioned was pure bliss from start to end. I’m tempted to restart it and find every Pearl. I have it on the the xbox but just might pick up the pc version as I can crank everything up to full on my new pc.

    Totally agree on Psychonauts too btw.

    Heh, the MoH games. I forgot how good Allied Assault was. The Omaha beach level on hard difficulty…gaaah!

    Elite Beat Agents is good but Osu! Tatakae! Ouendan! 1 and 2 are better. Mainly because they have that crazy Japanese infused spirit which EBA lacks a bit. If you havent got them already, I urge you to pick them up. Elite Beat Agents is essentially a western version of Ouendan.

  12. No, I know Osu Tatakae Ouendan is better (haven’t played 2) simply because of having japanese male cheerleaders to dance to. Yay!, I say.
    But EBA on its own right is very good, you have to admit. I couldn’t believe how insanely cool they managed to make that game when westernizing it.

  13. Sir Ji AAP ko itna likhne ka time kaise mil jata hai …… Hum ko to padne ka b time nai hai..

    Jab aapne itni mehnat se likha hi hai to reh reh kar hi sahi per padenge jaroor …. dheere ! dheere ! bcoz yaha is PROJECT ki koi deadline nai hai na . …


    Well hows ur married life going sir ?

  14. Thanks for reading my comment in an entirely different context than was meant.
    You forget the fact that I *know* that you don’t have a PS3 and hence can’t rate PS3 games. As regards Orange Box on the PS3, it sucks thanks to some mediocre development by EA.
    Later bro.

  15. Heya veeru

    Well, if you do get the tiome to read through, let me know if you like/dislike anything. Yiou’ll notice there’re no Tomb Raider titles in the list. 🙂

  16. @oceansandearth:
    C’mon peep, you DID say you more than resented the list, and the fact that no PS3 games meant we had very different tastes.

    We don’t. I don’t own a PS3, but I did play R&C on it, and absolutely loved it. Same as you. You mentioned 3 games that were absolutely on your top 10, and I told you why they weren’t on mine.

    You KNOW you will be the first person to know when I pony up for a PS3, and I think LBP might be what pushes me off the liff finally.

  17. Hey sir, i know b’coz tomb raider is not anywhere. 🙂 and sir u can see my texturing in KWARI. i hope u like it.

  18. Well sir i think you did not recognize me . i am Amit Singh sir,
    well i love all of the information wat you have provide here . it makes this place awsome . just becoz of it i never go anywhere to read anything . just come here and you will get wat you want.
    now my choice become something different i love all games.
    recently i m playing Bioshock , Call of Duty 4 , Gears OF WAR, UT3, Helgate London , Crysis And NFS Pro street. All games are pretty good enoungh to make my time better. but NFS Pro street is more complex then its previous versions………..

    So watsoever Epic made its name GoW and UT3 they have awsome Texturing detail and also superb gameplay, story but in Gear of war they put something wrong in the way of Name tehy put one locust name General RAAM. which is actually main enemy in this game . is it wat ?

    Do you have any comments in that one (perticular)?

    and one more thing sorry for my JUGAD ENGLISH ? actually im learning it


  19. @SmartDevil:
    Ah your nick threw me off there, mate. Sorry. How are ya?
    I played th games you mentioned, and I have to admit, I didn’t quite enjoy Pro Street all that much. But then again, I am ot a racing game guy.
    Yah, I remember General RAAM, him being the final boss. I think they just took the name and slapped it on, I don’t think the coincidence was intentional.
    I did like the art on UT3 as well as Gears, I admit. Fun games too.

  20. Burnout Paradise is AWEEEEESSSSOOOOMMMMEEEE. Ignore the naysayers.

    Yes, lack of reset and menus takes some getting used to it but ignore the pessimists. PICK IT UP! PLAY!

  21. Except crash mode is the least interesting aspect of Burnout. Always has been. The car handling and racing in Burnout has always been far superior and requires far more skill.

  22. Oh, bollocks. I have only playe Burnout for the crashing and the mayhem. I’m not a rcing guy man, the only reason I play Full Auto or Burnout is because it lets me wreak vengeance.
    Nope, not buying a crash mode less Burnout, thankyou.

  23. You serisouly dont know what you’re missing. You will not miss crash mode. Although this is dependant on you getting on xbox live and playing with others. For you crash devotees (Read: psychos for a game mode which gets boring fast :p) I suspect it wont hook you till you get online and freeburn around with others.

  24. For that, I think I’ll have to get another 360 console. Region issues keep my current one from playing US/India games, and I have to get the Jap ones. Which is all fine, but Live in Japan is a different beast altogether. 😐

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