Saawariya ah ah ah ah

Saawariya, as I pointed out elsewhere, is a terrible, terrible film. Raja Sen, my friend, (to his utter and unfettered glee) much hated film critic, screenwriter, and all round movies guy agreed with me. Sanjay Leela Bhansali has committed the crime of Hubris, and Raja decided to get back at the man as only the people can.
This film is the result of his warcry:

Watch, and forward to all who share the pain.

3 thoughts on “Saawariya ah ah ah ah

  1. Oh my stars. Fab. I hated Saawariya too. I also made the mistake of taking a friend who had never seen any popular Indian cinema to see it, since it was in the theater and I figured it’d be pretty to look at. She loved it, but I think that was the effect of all the dazzle and possibly the towel. Let us not overlook the importance of the towel. For me, though, it was a seriously ill-conceived one-night stand – pleasing to the senses while it lasted, but the moment the lights came up…yech.

  2. Beyond all the prettiness, it’s a terrible excuse for throwing money at the screen.
    I get the need to create a fantasy land, but it’s never used for much of anything except as an excuse for zero characterization.

  3. Oh yes, agree completely. The further in time I got from the end of the film, the more I thought HOW DARE YOU.

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