I hate to say it..

I hate to do this to the sum total of 5 people who read this blog, but I genuinely thought that Harold and Kumar go to Whitecastle was funny. And now that the second one is coming, I have to post the trailer for all a ya to see. Trust me, it’s laugh out loud stuff. Yes, I said laugh out loud instead of LOL. I’m only human.

16 thoughts on “I hate to say it..

  1. Oh hell yeah !! gimme Neil Patrick Harris any time of the year/day/night

  2. Hehehe, he didn’t even need to say anything. As soon as Neil Patrick Harris came on screen, his seat humping shenanigans were bright in my head. Bumpy ride, he says. LOLOLOL

  3. Well sir me too ! who is reading ur blogs sometimes ! but this post is awsoome .. i really like that …………………

    Add me to ur visitor list . haha

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