Flickr Friday – Neemrana

Neemrana Mosaic

Small trip to Neemrana last weekend proved to be a good test for my Motorola V3i. Nobody was carrying a camera, and I would be damned if I left that sorry ass place without pictures! But surprise of surprises, the pictures – at full res – didn’t come out too bad. For a phone that is. Of course it helped that it was bright and sunny (pant, pant).

I mean I’m not a great fan of phone cameras, and I’ve never been an advocate, and that isn’t changing now, but I can look at hem with a little more respect now.

3 thoughts on “Flickr Friday – Neemrana

  1. 🙂 troo. Sorry you got left out, but the place sucks. The food is bad, and the place is idiotically small and uninteresting. The only thing in the sightseeing there is the rooms that the guests stay in. 🙁 Saturday wasted.

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